From your own bottle

Have an empty bottle that you have finished, but don't want to trash it to the recycle bin? BYO bottle and have it turned into a candle. 

We love transforming special bottles from weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and more. Let us make a conversation piece that can be talked about from years to come. 

We do the hard work. Just drop off or send your bottle to our MakeBHM studio. 

attn: ecamandco
4000 3rd Ave S Birmingham, AL. 35222
We cannot wait to create endless candles for you and your homes!
Pricing varies depending on the size of the bottle. You can always email us for inquires regarding this by sending us a picture of what you want.
general pricing
liquor- 1 liter $45  other $38
tall wine top shelf $34
tall wine other $32
short wine custom or top shelf $30
other $28