Scent Samples

We know that ordering online can be a tough task to swallow. I wish that your computer screen could include a scratch & sniff element or a button that could shoot out the fragrance. You can take our word for it and "trust" us knowing that our scents are amazing and the highest quality that you will ever find, or you can trust that of our customers that come to our events and say that " They all smell so good; I can't make a decision because I want them all!" 
We want every customer to have the same experience even if you cannot attend any Pepperplace Saturdays or any other local event.


Each pack comes with tea light samples that you can light & smell to get the full aroma experience. It will be just enough to help you make your decision on what full-size bottled candle you want in your home!
We have several pack options so my hope is that you can create an endless love for us!